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A Delicious Beginning: Munch Sandwiches' Opening Week

In the heart of Tigard, our new culinary gem has emerged, and it's not just about sand

wiches; it's about passion, love, and the thrill of creating mouthwatering delights. Holly and I are the dynamic duo behind Munch Sandwiches, the charming restaraunt that opened its doors t

his past week. What sets our place apart, aside from the super-dope sandwiches, is our heartwarming story of being a happily married couple, We run the entire show ourselves and are happy as clams to do so. Our journey began as a dream, and today, we have nothing but pride and joy that comes from feeding our beloved "Munch Maniacs."

Our dedication to our sandwich craft is palpable in every bite. We don't just make sandwiches; we try to create culinary experiences that leaves

you craving for more. From the freshest ingredients to awesome secret sauces, we go above and beyond to ensure that every sandwich we serve is super-dope.

The result? A menu bursting with flavor and variety, catering to the diverse tastes of our ever-growing fanbase.

The opening week at Munch Sandwiches has been nothing short of extraordinary. We're flipping our sandwich lids with excitement as we shout out a colossal THANK YOU for making our grand opening week at Munch Sandwiches an absolute BLAST! We're stoked to be dishing out deliciousness in our brand new spot, and we can't get enough of fueling your sandwich cravings.

Your patience during our crazy-busy moments warms our hearts, and guess what? We've amped up the fun even more with nifty pagers to track your order and on-the-fly grab-and-go options to supercharge your Munch experience. We can't wait to feed you again.

Munch Love,


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